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12 September 2023 | TUESDAY


14:30 - 16:30 

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A pleasant stroll through both Dorsoduro and San Marco districts to discover hidden gems and World-famous monuments!

Let us begin with a walk along Venice's ancient borders, admiring up-close S.Nicholas's church with its rare medieval porch. Brushing past the temple of Archangel Raphael (founded, according to the legend, after a strange vision) we will then learn of the millennial-long rivalry between Castellani and Nicolotti, as we discuss the challenges of living in the venetian Lagoon both today and in the past. After having gazed at the bequest of one of the victims of the first Black Plague, we will marvel at how Past and Present intertwine by St.Sebastian's church (aka "Veronese's Pantheon"), subsequently enjoying an amazing view on the Giudecca canal from the Zattere waterfront.
At this point, we will discover the secrets of the gondolas while looking at the oldest "squero" in town, eventually crossing the Gran Canal by the astounding Accademia Bridge, heading for the city centre.
Surrounded by the last vestiges of ancient pharmacies, civil upheavals and intriguing curiosities, we will thus reach the former political core of the Serenissima: St. Mark's Square!
Walking past the Procuracies' candid façades, we will marvel at the oldest cafè in the World, pay our respects to "the House Lord" as well as to the "Moors" of the nearby Clocktower. We will of course discover St.Mark's story and how his body adventurously made its way to his Basilica: a trove of golden mosaics. We will feast our eyes on the loggias of the Doge's Palace: the "White House" of Venice, behind whose walls the destiny of the Serenissima was shaped for centuries. Finally, we will part by Sansovino's magnificent Library and the twin giant Columns of St.Mark and St. Theodore: former gateway into the city...but much more, too!

A fascinating journey through Art, History and Time!

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