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Donna su gondola

In Venice the foreground is Byzantine-Gothic, with an admixture of early Renaissance. It extends from the church of Torcello to the canvases of Tintoretto. This foreground has been celebrated in literature with the vehemence and profusion which have projected it still farther into the public consciousness, and more completely obscured the fact that there is another Venice, a background Venice, the Venice of the eighteenth century.


Italian Backgrounds by Edith Wharton

Complete tourist information and details about what to visit in Venice can be found at the web address:
Venice can be reached by plane via the Marco Polo International Airport , by high-speed trains from any city of mainland Italy and central Europe, or by car. 

public transport system connects the airport, the railway station or the car parking facilities with all locations of the city center, where the conference will take place. The conference site can be also reached from anywhere in the city center on foot or by boat.

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