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Thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, viscosity and non-Newtonian properties, mass-diffusion, optical and radiative properties including emissivity, reflectivity and absorptivity, solubility, phase equilibrium including liquid-solid, calorimetric and volumetric properties, speed of sound, interfacial properties including solid-solid and wettability.


Metals and alloys, ceramics, glasses, composites, multi-functional materials, superconductors, insulation materials, solar-reflective materials and thermal shields, porous materials, granular and thin-film materials, foams, gels, emulsions, soft materials, nano-materials, near critical and super critical fluids, polymers, food and biomaterials, environmentally friendly fluids, aqueous systems, petroleum fluids, ionic liquids, molten salts.


Measurement techniques (including methodologies for data evaluation and prediction), engineering applications (polymerization, casting, sintering, plasma spraying, distillation, refrigerant techniques, thermoelectric cooling, insulation structures in civil engineering)

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